Broomfield Ride Club Starts 6th Year

Team cogsnob

As we roll into Spring here in Broomfield, it is time once again to dust-off the bike and get ready for another season of cycling in the North Denver Suburbs. Starting its sixth year, the CogSnob ride club based in Broomfield, offers the perfect venue for serious cyclists to bond and enjoy the outdoors while pushing the limits on both road and mountain outings.

Composed of riders of all ages, CogSnob has grown from 4-5 members, to over 50 at the beginning of the 2014 season. "It has been a way for men and women in the Broomfield community to get-out and do what they love in an environment with other riders that share the same perspectives on the sport," said Jarrod Krug, CogSnob founder and Broomfield resident. "We continue to grow and add new members that keep the dynamics of the outings fun and competitive."

The 30-40 mile rides are primarily on the weekends (both Saturday and Sunday) with an average pace between 17-18 mph. All routes are posted each Thursday at the team website: with ride announcements delivered to each member via email.

If you are interested in joining, the membership is completely free of charge with no commitments for entry. Registration can be found here: HERE.

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