Reviewed: Fun Bags Triangle Bag


This past August I completed a 147 mile mountain bike ride in the SouthWest corner of Colorado called the San Juan Hut-to-Hut trip. Starting in Telluride Colorado and finishing in the lovely little town of Gateway Colorado, the ride leverages a fortified hut system stitched between miles of forest access roads and light single-track.

(click the link here to view the ride video)

Preparing for a 5 day trip like this eventually came down to loading your bike up with panniers OR loading your upper-back up with a massive bag. Water and protection from the elements came first, with bike parts and sundry maintenance items not far behind. A close third was food and a flask of Gentleman Jack. In total, we were expecting to carry an additional 25-30 pounds of gear (which included daily water needs).

Rewind to late July when I stopped into Golden Bike Shop to get my Niner E.M.D. serviced and ready to go for the trip.

Lucky for me, I happened to mentioned to one of the mechanics that I was concerned about mounting panniers on the Niner for balance issues. They agreed and referenced the fact that Mike Roberts (a wrench in the shop) makes custom triangle bags for folks needing to solve the same storage problem I had. After talking with Mike, he laughed at the notion of mounting panniers and showed me a newly created bag for a recent client.

I was hooked.

I agreed to have Mike make me a custom bag to fit the exact dimensions of my Niner. We agreed on the base color as well as the interior color (Pink).


So how did it perform?

Absolutely the best build quality of any bag I have purchased. Each bag is made of high-density, water resistant nylon with flat-lock seams and double stitching to keep the elements out. The interior is well thought-out, with just the appropriate amount of space and pocket organization to store anything from bike parts, clothing and maps, to my generously sized flask of Jack Daniels. Oh, and the frame attachments are made from recycled bicycle tubes (with industrial strength velcro adhesion) that allow mud to more easily "sluff-off".

In the end, I was able to reduce the amount of weight on my back---displacing around 12 pounds of gear low and balanced within my new triangle bag. It withstood rain, dust, cow manure and 147 miles of everything I could throw at it.

Mike's company is called Fun Bags with an equally symbolic logo to match the name….Each Fun Bag is custom made by Mike himself and will run around $100 - $120 based on the size of your triangle. You can expect a two week lead-time for your made-in-America, custom bag, fit to your ride's triangle specifications.

Give Mike a call at 303-999-1075 or email him at before he gets swamped with orders….

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