Reviewed: Foundry Auger Cross Bike

Foundry auger

It has been a few year's since we have formally reviewed any kind of bike worth mentioning. Not because we haven't bought, ridden our tested new bikes, but more that we haven't found anything that deserved a mention here on CogSnob. We were tempted a few times (Niner EMD, Cervelo R3), but they fell into the "ho-hum" category of nothing new or revolutionary.

Enter a new Cyclocross specific bike called the Auger from the QBP upstart - Foundry Cycles. Haven't heard of Foundry yet? Guaranteed you will. In the US bike world, wholesaler QBP is a major force and a adaptive marketing presence that can easily throw its weight around when needed.

Foundry's motto - "It's A Tool, Not A Trophy" is the premise behind the entire brand--and it works. With six different function specific bikes (3x road, cx, mtb), each embodies the sublimated logo style and matte-black coloring meant to push form and function vs flash and fetish.

The Auger certainly embodies the brand essence put forth by Foundry.

The Good

NOTE: We reviewed the Auger Disc B1 with SRAM Force as it was the best balance of features and price.

While the debate continues between traditional pull brakes and disc brakes for cross specific riding in wet and muddy conditions, we found the disc version of the Auger to perform as advertised.
Powered by the mechanical, Hayes CX-5 brakes, the reviewers found them easy to adjust, bombproof with enough stopping power in the muddiest of conditions.

Equally impressive is the full carbon frame. With the fully equipped steed weighing in at 19 lbs (size 59 frame), the Auger isn't certainly the lightest of the pack, but then again, it isn't designed to be. Fenders, panniers, cantilever or disc, the dark black matte frame is a workhorse--built to handle whatever you throw its way.

Not only did QBP launch a new brand in Foundry, they also kicked-off a new carbon fiber component group called Whiskey Parts Co. It's the yin to Foundry's carbon fiber (frame) yang so to speak. And it is fitting that the Auger sports a CX specific fork from the Whiskey sister company.

The Snob In Us

Once the bike arrived and 20 min of wrenching applied (thanks Tree Fort Bikes), we hit the local gravel roads to see if the Auger performed in the real world. To be clear, we tested the B1 with SRAM force above and below the belt. Within a few miles on my route, the Hayes cable housing (left side - rear) rubbed on the heel of my shoes during the up stroke on my left foot (I wear a size 12.5). In the end, we ended up swapping out the Force Crankset with Shimano CX70. Luckily, the BB30 converter pushes the crank arm out just far enough that my heel now misses the cable housing. Problem solved.

Our Recommendation

Black and badass--with all the right elements to make this ride your go-to cyclocross and rugged cross-country commuter, the Auger sets the bar high for anything to come next from QBP's Foundry brand.

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