Ergon HX2 Gloves, Race Tested

ergon_hx2.jpgIt has just been over a month since I received my Ergon HX2 gloves and have managed to put them through some tough races in the heat, high mountain country, snow, mud, on mountain roads, singletrack, rock gardens and water crossings. Wow, I've done a lot since I've been using the HX2s, no wonder why I'm tired all the time!

According to the Ergon website, the HX2 is a lightweight XC glove cut to match the Ergon GX and GS series of grips. I use the GX2 Leichtbau Carbon grips so this is a match!

Aside from the totally kick ass looks, the first thing I noticed is how well the stitching on the inside seam of the glove has been done. Some other "nice" gloves I've noticed have quite a bit of thickness to the material where it has been stitched together. For short rides this may be fine, but on longer rides the thick stitching are hot points where circulation can be blocked to the fingers causing numbness. No problem with the HX2s. The stitching is very tight and tidy and there is not a huge bulge of material. In fact the stitching is in such a way I've never noticed it.

The next item that I have found quite satisfactory is the long term feel. Most of my races take up a good portion of the day, so I find around the seven hour mark things start to get uncomfortable. I've yet to even notice the HX2s! Other gloves I've tried must not "mate" up to the grip patterns on the GX2 grips and eventually I get hot or sore hands. The HX2s have been great in this area.

Even though I've only been wearing the HX2 for a bit more than a month, they are proving to be very durable. I've crashed onto them a couple of times, I've clawed my way up the last 200 ft of a mountain pass at 12,200 ft with the bike over one should and literally clawing at the dirt and rocks trying to pull myself up. Every time I pull them out of the wash they are like new!

And that brings me to the last feature that impresses me, so far they have cleaned up very well. The material does not seem to hold dirt. I do wash them a couple times a week with the rest of my gear and they come out sparkling white!

I've been quite impressed with the HX2s. I hope to use them for the foreseeable future!
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