CarboRocket; the ultimate endurance fuel


In endurance sports such as endurance mountain bike racing there is no substitute for training, fitness, and a reasonable diet and nutrition. Come race day, the training and fitness will only get a racer so far, what can easily make or break a race though is nutrition and hydration.

Training has shown that I can burn through 900 to 1000 calories per hour, and training effort tends to be less than race effort. This means that calorie intake is massively important. There are many ways to get calories but most of them are not convenient during a race. Since I'm not one of the guys off the front I spend a good amount of time eating other people's dust. This leaves a dry gritty mouth, where anything solid such as nutrition bars are hard to eat. Gels are sticky and can upset my stomach especially late in a race. Energy chews often taste good but along with the dry mouth I have choked on one or two before. Trying to replenish 30-50% of my calories per hour has been challenging.

Hydration is also a tough part of the race diet that can be hard to manage. Hydration is more than just H20, it also includes critical salts to keep the body's synapses firing right keeping away cramping and muscle fatigue. The salts also help the body absorb and process the H20.

Last year I basically used a different type of product to fulfill my race nutrition needs, a drink, some foods, and salt tablets. This year I have been lucky enough to work with CarboRocket. CarboRocket is an all in one endurance drink that includes calories, salt, and of course H20. Although I have been using the product in training and early season races, I was able to put it to the real test at one of the hardest races of my season at the Gunnison Growler. 64 grueling, always on, technical, high altitude, dry air, windy miles on the BLM Hartman Rocks area of Gunnison Colorado.

This year at the Growler I decided to rely nearly 100% on CarboRocket 333 Half Evil Endurance Fuel for the entire race. I did snack on a Honey Stinger Energy Bar at the 1/2 point mainly to give my stomach something to digest and ease the hunger feeling I had. I also had a small ice cold Coca-Cola at the last aid station mainly because it was there and it was cold, and it tasted really good! But the main course was CR333.

CR333 provided me what I needed all in the form of a good flavorful drink. No need to try to pull a gel out of a pocket, suck it down between breaths, and then try to get the sticky wrapper back into the jersey pocket only to have it come out later when getting another gel. No food wrappers to try to open then also shove in a pocket. No salt tablets container to try to open then to swallow a tablet that sticks to the very back of the tongue refusing to go down the rest of the way. All I had to do was reach down for a bottle and take a drink. I had more time with my hands on the handle bars (absolutely needed at the Growler), and less time slowing to fiddle with stuff in my pockets.

In the end I took more than 30 minutes off my time from last year on a harder course than last year, 64 miles and 7 1/2 hours of non-stop effort fueled by CarboRocket 333 Half Evil and I literally felt "good" at the end of the race (last year I thought I might die at the end of the race, and my body chemistry was so messed up, well I won't go there).

If you are looking for great endurance fuel for a bike ride, a run, or hike, check out CarboRocket, the Epic Endurance Cycling Team is relying on it for our endurance fuel!

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