Reviewed: Panache Arm Screens


Spring is in the air here in Colorado and we are anxious to ditch the full-blown winter riding gear that has been part of our lives for the last 5 months.

Part of the transition to warm weather clothing is wearing our trusty arm and leg warmer's. If you asked the average cyclist what he/she ranks as the top cylcing-specific clothing accessory, most will tell you that warmers tend to fall into the "must-have" category. For us, they fall in the love/love-hate category...we love them when they are on...and we love them when we don't have to wear them.


Our problems with arm warmers stem from the fact that they are too warm for mild weather occasions---still requiring protection on the arms for wind and UV protection.

Enter Panache Arm Screens from Panache Cyclewear in Boulder Colorado. It is safe to say that these aren't your granpappies arm warmers.

The Good

Made from CoolTouchâ„¢ Mesh, the perforated fabric allows the appropriate amount of airflow over the skin while keeping you safe from harmful UV's...and just warm enough on those 50-60 degree days.
We love them for the snug, compression-like fit that comes without the use of traditional grippers. Our hat's are off to Panache for finally getting the warmer concept I can finally laugh at my friends with farmers tans.

Available in white, the Panache Arm Screens can be purchased for $45 at

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