Colorado High School Cycling League Fundraising Kickoff Ride - Success!


The inaugural Bacaro Fundraising Ride to help fund the Colorado High School Cycling League kicked-off from Boulder's Bacaro Restaurant last Sunday morning amidst a beautiful October snowstorm. Led by Tom Danielson of Garmin Chipotle, the ride was a testament to the love and passion of the sport and provided a hint to the support behind the newly formed cycling league.

While the ride was cold and wet, the corresponding lunch at Bacaro's in downtown Boulder proved to be just what everyone needed to eat, warm-up and talk about the future of mountain biking in Colorado. The restaurant was at capacity for the event with Boulder's own Connie and Davis Phinney in attendance to provide their support for the initiative.

To get involved with the league, visit the organization's website and pledge any amount you feel will help propel the sport into your community. Additionally, you can sign-up and join the next monthly Bacaro ride on November 21st, in Boulder, CO.

See you there!

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