Support Bill 148, Colorado's Bicycle Safety Bill

My letter to Senator Boyd asking for support of Bill 148. See the following for details:


The Honorable Betty Boyd
Colorado Senate
200 East Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO 80203
Re: Support for Senate Bill 148
Dear Senator Boyd:

I am writing you asking for your support of Bill 148, Colorado's Bicycle Safety Bill.

I am an avid cyclist and am making a comeback to competing at the amateur level. Cycling is a tremendous outlet for me, especially over the past years where long hours at work and extreme stresses of the insecurities we all are facing in the current economic conditions had lead to me have general distress issues. Cycling has brought me work/life balance as well as good health and spirit.

I am out riding for a workout generally 2-3hrs a day depending on the weather and other commitments, but typically at least 6 days a week. One of my routes takes me behind the Coors plant in Golden where several roadside memorials mark the deaths of cyclist where they were hit by motorists. I myself, have had a few close calls. One recently where a RTD bus infringed the bike lane and ran me off the road. Last year I had a motorist swerve in front of me and then slam on their brakes causing me to swerve into traffic, this was up north of Boulder. On Morrison Road a car entered the 15ft wide shoulder at speed and missed running me over by inches. I have had countless times I have wondered if a motorist was trying to see how close they could speed past me.

I feel I have two choices, stop riding my bike on the roads, roads which my tax money pays to maintain. Or just to deal with it. I have chosen to deal with it. I have myself a RoadID, so in the event of an accident first responders will have access to my critical information. I also have taken substantial life insurance policies to make sure my wife and family are taken care of in the event something should happen to me while doing what I love. I have also asked my wife to use part of the proceeds from my life insurance policy to take a civil suit out against whomever violated me.

Bill 148 may not resolve all the risks I have chosen to take every time I get on my bike. However, it will help with the peace of mind that motorists are held legally responsible when near cyclists and that I do have clear rights as a cyclist using the roadway.

Please support me and the thousand of Colorado cyclists so we have safer roads to enjoy.

Michael Berg
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