Schwab Cycles

I have spent a fair amount of coin on bikes between Feb '08 and Sept '08. If my wife only knew how much I have really spent, I think she would have some issues with me. However, she can't complain too much as I have never been in such great shape since we met, and probably the best shape I have been in since running track and cross country in high school (it was a heck of a lot easier to be in shape at that age).

To spend that much money on what the 'average Joe' (not the plumber) might think as frivolous or crazy, I wasn't going to dump my hard earned cash at the local bikemart. I found this little boutique bike shop called Schwab Cycles housed in a working car wash about two miles from my house. At first sight before even stepping through the door, I was thinking "you've got to be kidding me, a car wash?"

As soon as I entered the door though, I realized that Schwab was a very serious bike shop. At that time I wasn't really shopping for a bike, but more or less trying to figure out if I was interested in getting back in the saddle again. I had been doing a lot of mountain biking, and it was February so the season was going to get started again. I was not looking forward to trying to get into shape on a mountain bike. Almost every trail I know of instantly goes straight up, and being fat and out of shape brings on severe suffering and discomfort even at the slowest pace possible.

So as I mentioned, Schwab is for the serious cyclist. They don't stock a lot of complete bikes, but build a bike to the buyers specification. You won't find department store name bikes like Trek or Specialize at Schwab. You will find Guru, Ellsworth, Isaac, Moots, Ridley, Torelli, Willier, to name a few. Plus, all the high end components and part anyone would want or need for a high end bike.

Schwab is a family business and they show that in the quality of their work. Before I put money on a new bike I figured a good test of Schwab was to have them do a spring tune up on my mountain bike. So I took my Rocky Mountain ETSX in, it was in well used condition with dust embedded in every place it could get, the chain was pretty dirty, and there were a few spots of blood here and there. When I got the bike back, it looked so brand new it was not even recognizable. Every part was cleaned to perfection and it all worked like clockwork. I knew I found a shop that took care of their work. That was my first impression that led me to believe I could trust getting good service from these guys.

I went on to explore a road bike for cardio training for mountain biking season. I was afraid I might not find something in my budget at Schwab, and I did not think I would be on the road bike much after the snow cleared off the mountain trails. However, they happened to have a nice Lightspeed in the shop that someone decided not to purchase. It had been sitting round for a while and was nearly my exact fit. So I picked up for a good deal.

Several months later after getting caught out in a rain storm during a ride, I developed a creek in my bottom bracket, a sure sign some water got in there. So I took the Lightspeed into Schwab not knowing what it might cost or how long it might take to have it looked at. To my surprise, the main mechanic, Walt, took the bike right back and rebuilt the bottom bracket in about five minutes, no charge.

Next came the Rolf Wheels I purchased... well I could go on and on. Eventually I purchased my Guru Genoe from these guys. Jim did the custom fit on their fit jig and worked through all the components with me one by one.

So if you want personal care, a custom built bike, and the honesty of a family business. Schwab is the place to go. Their prices are in line with other shops big and small, but they give you personal attention that you will never get in a Bicycle... uhmm store. So if you are in the market for that special custom bike and don't want to wait two years for a Gangl, check Schwab out at
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