Schwalbe Ultremo Road Tire


With my new ride I decided to test out another set of tires. After about a month and more than three hundred miles I have to say the Schwalbe Ultremos are the best tires I have ridden so far. Ultremo is an race tire engineered with modern space age technology. Schwalbe uses a tightly woven Vectran fabric layer to protect the tire from punctures. The Vectran fabric is the same fabric used by NASA for the Mars Lander's airbag landing mechanism. In addition three different compounds provide optimal performance for durability, wet grip, and low rolling resistance.

I have ridden my Schwalbes through broken glass, across metal scraps on the roadside, and on wet roads. Over the course of the month I can't find any nicks or cuts on either the front or rear tires.

The only complaint I have is at times the tires ride so smooth I think I have a flat. More than once I have slowed on a decent for fear of having a flat only to find there is no problem at all.

At 195g per tire I highly recommend the Schwalbe Ultremo for a daily training tire. I'll prove an update on how they work for racing next season.

I got my Schwalbe Ultremo tires at Schwab Bicycles.
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