Rock "N" Roll Chain Lube


When I seriously got back onto the bike this year I knew that I was going to need to find the basic tools and lubes to keep my ride working smoothly. A high maintenance spot is the drivetrain. The chain and care of the chain are very important to having a fun workout. A clogged sticky chain can hinder shifting, cause additional drag, and can be noisy. Cleaning a chain can often be a pain, doing so correctly means using solvents and a great deal of scrubbing, then cleaning up after cleaning up. My local shop Schwab Cycles hooked me on to Absolute Dry Chain Lube chain lube by Rock Lube.
Absolute Dry Chain Lube is an absolutely dry lube. Once applied to the chain the transfer fluid quickly evaporates. Since it is a dry lube, little dirt accumulates on the chain. After every ride I run the chain through a cleaning rag to wipe any dirt off, and every four or five rides I apply a new coat of lube. Absolute Dry Chain Lube provides a quiet drive train that is easy to maintain time and time again. I plan on using Absolute Dry Chain Lube from here on out and have even started using Extreme Chain Lube on my mountain bike.
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