Finish Line KryTech Wax Lubricant

P1010551.jpg Chain lubs are not all the same. For a long time I used TriFlow which was a nice oily teflon general purpose lub. Then more than ten years ago I discovered the dry lubs. Basically, dry lubs use alternative chemicals to oil to lub the chain. This helps reduce dirt buildup on the chain.

As you pedal your bike along a lot of static friction is created and over time, and since bike tires are made of non-condutive material, you and the bike are insulated from the ground thus allowing a charge to build up. Well this static charge, much like that of clothes coming out of a dryer, pulls oppositely charged particles to it, namely dirt and dust. This dust settles all over the bike but tends to gravitate and stick best where oil or grease is exposed. Most of this dust sticks to the chain. Over time excessive buildup of dust will start to clog the drive train causing less precise shifting.
A dry lub does not stop this static buildup. What a dry lub will do is help reduce the amount of dust that sticks to the chain. Dry lubs also make cleaning the chain a lot easier, typically all that is needed is a cloth or rag run along the chain numerous times rather than the use of chemicals to break down oil that is found in oil based lubs.

For a long time my favorite wax lub was KryTech from Finish Line. For many years KryTech served me well. Since moving to Colorado however, I have found it ever more difficult to find KryTech in local stores. The times I have found it, the lub has turned to a sludge like consistency and goes on more like toothpaste. I am not sure why this happens, it could be because of the altitude and dry air combined with the type of solvents that are used to liquify the lub.

Finish Line has served me well over the years and I think most users would be satisfied with it's cleanliness over oil based lubs.
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